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Possible new ?400m Titan Prison on Omega Site ????


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If post codes only define the mail sorting office how come every organisation uses the number of the house and the post code to find out where you live? :?:?


As for looking at your bins, Daresbury Science park don't have bin collections. A private company empty their skips. :roll:

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DavyG if you cared to read back to PJCallands post on this he explains exactly how the postcode (together with the house number) defines your address. The WA part defines the sorting office, the rest of the code narrows it down. And it obviously works. :roll::roll:

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Why are people arguing over the differences in the first part of a post code and the second. They both have different meanings. The post code needs to be used in its entirety first part and second together. Making an issue of someone who has only used the first part is just petty nit picking. :roll::roll:

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