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Global Storming.


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Heard one of these so-called scientists warning that global warming will cause "dry" summers in the UK; well you could have fooled me - anyone recall which day Summer was this year?! :roll: Then we're told, the reason for the freak storms is that the "jet stream", which usually flows to the north of the UK warding off the Atlantic storms, has moved south, thus allowing the freak weather - anyone else confused?! :wink:

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The so called freak storms are no such thing. This country has had weather like this in the past and will do again. The trouble is people look no further back than the last 30 years. This weather has been caused by a quiet sun (no sunspots for a while now) giving out less energy. This has lead to a cooling of the upper atmosphere in the tropics allowing the jet stream to come further south than we have become used to. The Atlantic depressions follow the path of the jet stream. One plus one equals two and not a mention of CO2 (man made or otherwise) anywhere. And of course the climate "experts" (has beens under pressure) were forecasting a warmer and drier than average summer this year. These same "experts" are trying to make us believe they can forecast what we can expect in 20, 30, 50 years time. I laugh until I'm fit to burst! :lol::lol::lol::roll:

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