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Elderly Care Charges?


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In a recent speach David Bluncket has warned of a need to charge folk for elderly care provision, as the Government can no longer afford it! :shock: Well I thought they'd already started, as nursing home care can cost you your home (if you've got one!). :shock: Still, it's a warning of the thinking to come, and the message is: get rid; sell up, and spend it, before dependency overtakes you. :roll: After all, if you've spent up THEY can't have it. and as they say, there are no pockets in shrouds! :wink:

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having sat through at least three version of the titanic story and survived do i qualify :wink:


here are at least three ways around it.(maybe)


one is to sell to one of these new companies and rent the property back and spend the money on whatever you want (or need)


two is to sign the property over to your next of kin and then rent it back from them at a nominal rent ( they then having the responsibility of maintaining the property)


if there are two people occupying eg husband and wife. each makes a will leaving their half the property to their next of kin with the proviso that the surviving member lives in the house until they too pass on.


not sure how the second two work there may be a time limit on how long the next of kin have to be owners before it is legally theirs. i have heard a figure of seven years mentioned but have not really looked into it in any detail.


there is a monetary limit below which the government pick up the bill. i think it is about eight thousands pounds. any amount over this and you pay. this includes property, savings, goods and chattels etc that you may own. in other words you flog the lot and tally the total.


with the cost of most care homes being at least three or four hundred per week this will not last long. what happens then i do not know. probably you will be moved to a "government approved" (read cheaper) one.

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