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Hospital Govenors?


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So why not anyone on the local electoral roll qualifies to stand or vote - after all, we're all paying for the NHS and liable to use it's services? :roll: It would have been simpler and easier, just to allow 16 Councillors to represent "the public interest" - although they would probably want a sizable increase in allowances for doing it! :wink:

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But the structure of the NHS is changing....again........ and in the case of self governing foundation trusts, are becoming similar to a Plc with "shareholders" who vote on matters rather than the population at large....although maybe as with a Plc, institutional shareholders have more power than Jo Public's shareholding. :wink:


It could be argued that membership of the new foundation, and standing for election to be a public governor was open to all, all that people had to do was to sign up....which I infact did, although I've not put my self up for election, given I'm rather busy with Borough Council matters.

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Errrm; so a national, public institution; conceived and provided for ALL our people, funded on the basis of ability to pay by ALL our people, to be used free at the point of need by ALL our people; is being "privatised" in all but name? :twisted: And some folk want to vote Tory; no need they're already in office! :twisted::roll::wink:

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