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White doves


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My daughter in law Lola has lost her beloved Nan, Bet Denehy. As a tribute at her Nans' funeral on Thursday next week, Lola would like to release two doves . A beautiful idea you say? Yes, except that hiring 2 doves through the funeral director amounts to ?150......Yes, I DID say ?150!!!!! There are 2 doves in a dovecote on the allotments at the back of my house, but even though I've enquired at the houses around here for the last 2 days I can't find out who owns them! It's driving me insane!!!!!


Is there anybody at all who can point me in the right direction to hire a couple of doves for an hour or so, please?



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I believe that the landlord at the Hoop & Mallet pub in Callands has white doves. There are always a few cooing around the shops next door. Not sure if they belonged to the previous manager but they are still there.


May be worth an ask?



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