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Water Wars -


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Clearly global resources are finite, and demand is increasing with population, and water is no exception. So what are we to do about it? Increasing population levels is one major cause of the problem, as this increases demand beyond supply capacity - so aside from waiting for a flu epidemic or wars to limit this factor - what can be done? Domestic consumption is around 11% of water usage, whilst industry consumes over 66% of water; this increases yet more demand, and is due to the fact that as societies progress economically, changes in eating habits by an emerging middle-class increase consumption. EG: it takes 9 times as much water to produce a meat burger than the equivelent bowl of rice. Many Regions of the world that have been historically dry are projected to get even drier; even with one Country (Spain), the contrasts are now evident. The upper reaches of the Ebro (Aragon) are water rich; yet the coastal regions of Catalonia and Murcia are suffering draughts; and Arogon is reluctant to supply their fellow Spaniards! Meanwhile, in the UK; we experience flooding from huge deluges of rain water, yet fail to capture it, and even experience our own draughts at times. Perhaps instead of playing around with trivial issues; perhaps our politicians could start thinking about our future, and of ways to meet such fundemental challenges: EG. a massive civil engineering programme to create more resevoir capacity, AND provide an alternate supply of green energy by hydro- electricity schemes; and the modernisation of are water supply infrastructure - or is such a fundemental challenge to deep and distant to appeal to voters? :wink:

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