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Deja Vu all over again


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I've expressed it many a time ....... the earth regulates itself, it always has and always will ! hence tropics to ice-age to variable etc etc :roll:

It's just another 'modern day bandwagon' excuse to raise taxes and keep certain people in unnecessary jobs :roll:

I can't find any reference to the 'greenhouse gasses' that caused the raise in temperature by 3-4 degrees from the 10th to 13th centuries :roll:

I wonder what 'garbage' will be next on the 'bandwagon' list ? :roll:

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As TMM has said the government see it as a heaven sent opportunity to screw more money out of the taxpayer. And it's perfect for them because they can say it's all our own fault for being greedy!! Unfortunately all the political parties are on the same bandwagon so voting one lot out won't change the disasterous course we're steering. :(:(:(

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