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Aug, 16, 2008 ROCK SHOW


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Rock and Roll ? Led Zeppelin

Hammer to Fall ? Queen

Strange Kind of Woman ? Deep Purple (You do know what that woman is don?t you?)

Hush ? Deep Purple

Bat Outta Hell ? Meatloaf

Ballroom Blitz ? Krokus

I?m Burning For You ? Blue Oyster Cult

Ace of Spaces ? Motor Head

I want you to Want Me ?

Highway to Hell - AC/DC

Breaking the Law ? Judas Priest

Tarot Woman ? Rainbow

A Thing Called Love ? Darkness

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Girl You Got Me ? Van Halen

Rosalie ? Thin Lizzy

Rock Your Heart Out ? AC/DC

Restless ? Ian Gillian

Armed and Ready - Michael Shankar

Nuclear Attack ?

Missed one sorry!

Space Station Number 5 ? Sammy Hagar


Missed Another!!

Planets on Fire ? Sammy Hagar

Race with the Devil ? Girl?s School

I Can?t Fight This Feeling Anymore ? REO

Keep On Loving You - REO

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