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Horse Riding Lessons


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Aas kids do !!!


my 7yo told me the other day, Dad I want a horse!


so after spending microseconds calculating the costs, storage, work involved, shoveling and grooming I laughed.


Heres the thing, this is my Autistic son, and it such a special thing when he shows an intrest in anything that I take more notice as the other kids have new hobies and intrests...and moreso wants every day.


When he wants something, He will take a genuine intrest long term and it wont be a passing whim.


I have read that close contact with animals can be beneficial to his condition too.


So I'd like to take him, but times are hard, I see that I can get instruction from crioft riding school at ?15 per hour (which equates to ?30) if I go with him, I need to bring this down...does anyone know of a cheaper local school.



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