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a mistake is a mistake, the blame/sue culture is so distasteful, and although these people have a right to healthy compensation it should come from an insurance payout rather than littigation.


I have made mistakes in work, fortunately any mistake I make can be re-done with only a loss of time, but that doesnt mean that I am either incompetant or neglegent at my job.


Im sure 99% of the rest of the world are the same and if we punnish people for doing their job, then we end up where people are too scared to do things and the sad world where kids cannot play on bouncy castles without a H&S assesment, war pensioners can't parade on memorial day.....oops too late !

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Agreed, mistakes do happen, although taking out someones healthy lung (or other important bodily part) instead of the diseased one is not something that falls into the same category as police breaking into the wrong house :shock:


Some 'mistakes' do have far more serious consequences than others :shock:

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Depends on the gravity of the "mistake"; taking out the wrong lung, breaking into the wrong house are quite serious mistakes, and should require systems checks to ensure they are not made in the first place. :wink:

Yes system checks need to be in place to stop errors, and yes I agree that such mistakes should not happen,... but a 'sorry we took away your healthy lung, leg, arm, kidney, whatever by mistake' would not be as simple to forgive or to live with (if that was still possible :shock: ) as a 'sorry we broke into your house by mistake' :?:roll::?


Not the same at all... :roll:

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People making occasional, genuine mistakes is to be expected and is forgivable in individual cases.


Systems and processes (the province, and some would say raison d'etre, of managers) which do not follow best current practice, and which do not constantly seek to learn from experience are not.


The accountability needs to rest with the people who are responsible for ensuring that systems are in place which are robust enough to cope with human error, ie. those at the very top. So it shouldn't be a case of a worker being sacked for a genuine mistake, it should be the manager or director responsible sacked for implementing a process which could fail so easily.


Mistakes will still happen, and will sometimes have serious consequences, but they should only ever happen in a particular way once.

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I didnt think police breaking into the wrong house was such a big deal.


I've actualy had it happen to me about 5 years ago in my old house, I didn't think anything of it till now.


While I was away on holiday I got a phone call from the police telling me that a freind of the previous tennant was concerned for her freinds safety, who she had not heard from in months, she went around and had no answer, so had the police and after 3 days they decided to break in.


when they discovered my bills etc, my mobile number and then rang me..


thinking about it now, they could have rang the housing association to see if she still lived there

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