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"Georgia on my mind"


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Georgia (in the Caucasus), tries to bully two minor provinces within her borders, where most of the population carry Russian passports; then complains of being bullied when the Russian bear steps in. Then you get US Presidential hopefull McCaine calling for NATO to intervene on the part of Georgia - isn't this just how WW3 is going to start; and shouldn't we worry about yet another "gung ho" President in the white house? :shock: Georgia was assimilated into the Russian Empire by decades of fighting by Czarist troops over a century ago; it was/is part of Russia by right of historical conquest; just as much as Georgia USA is part of the USA, and we know what happened to them when THEY tried to cecede from the Union in 1861! :roll: What has maintained the peace throughout decades of "cold war" has been the political recognition of "spheres of influence"; nothing moral or just about it; just a pragmatic diplomatic response to maintaining a stable global political climate. In a world where civilization can be terminated at the push of a button, stability must take precedence. :?:wink:

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I love Bush's hypocritical words

"russia's reponse excessive"


how about invading an entire independant soveriegn state for the actions of a handful individual terrorists...who didn't even originate from afghanistan. and occupying it still seven years later.


a message from russia


"Thanks to everyone who translated and sympathized.

It scares me how western media depicts the situation in Ossetia.

Do you know that there were no Western journalists in Цхинвали? I am just curious as to how they make their news if they weren?t even there. Many pictures and videos that you saw were taken by Russian journalists who were present in the combat areas. I haven?t heard of any western reporter taking interviews from refugees and the wounded in Ossetia.

I would like to make it clear: Russia has brought its troops to South Ossetia when the city was practically destroyed, and 1500 peaceful civilians and 12 Russian peacekeepers were dead. Before bringing in the military, Russia asked the UN to take measures, but the request was ignored. Georgia attacked the sleeping Цхинвали without a warning. Georgian military was shooting in residential areas and main city infrastructures ? the hospital, stores, university, schools?


Again thank you everyone who has responded. The situation becomes clearer and it?s for the best. Russia sends rescuers to evacuate the people. Unfortunately, many of our friends will not come back ? they are ?missing in action.?

Right now, the most horrible thing will start ? counting the dead.



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Well it seems the Russians are now pulling back, something they may regret later, as the current Georgian Regime are clearly a duplicitous lot and bound to remain a thorn in their side. :roll: They should have annexed it, and sorted out the political s**t stirers who are a threat to them and to the stability of the Region. :twisted:

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Precisely Lege: it seems the West has cornered the market on double-standards: remember the last time we nearly annialated humanity? - The Cuban missile cricise - with the US going ballistic over Russian ICBMs in THEIR backyard, it wasn't mentioned at the time, that the US had sited ICBMs in Turkey - in Russia's backyard. :shock: And as if to rub salt in wounds, Bush is now proposing to site missile systems in Poland, what next - site them in the Ukraine or Georgia; so one can understand Russian paranoia. :shock: It's frankly got nothing at all to do with "democracy" Pete; it's about maintaining global stability, so that no two bit Leader in some two bit province, doesn't set the dominoes off - remember a two bit Town called Sarajevo in 1914? :wink:

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