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Peace Centre?


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I've just been looking at this month's Warrington Worldwide magazine (No 109). In which is the Autumn 2008 Newsletter.


If anyone wants to read about the work at the Peace Centre then I can highly recommend the it.


and you can even download from the magazine cover on the front page so no excuses!

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Well, I have kind of been busy, but I'll pop in just to say that there is no excuse, as Gary says, for no-one knowing what the Peace Centre does or why it is useful, and it is clearly a practical thing for the living.


I see Obbs' only 'evidence' for his taunts lie with the old lie about all the wars being caused by religion. Apart from that clearly being wrong (and I am not in denial about religious wars), and the fact that Atheism managed to murder more people in one century than anyone else together in the past 2000 years, it's just a hypocritical excuse considering Obbs doesn't seem to really want these problems solved. Funny thing is, I'm in favour of secular education. Neutral secular education, which funny enough goes on in the Peace Centre. But Obbs wants Atheist indoctriation, not the same thing. All of my education is secular education, and that includes my religious knowledge. Secular education did not save the 7/7 bombers, nor did it save the Loyalist terrorists. In fact, secular education can re-inforce prejudice just as much as anything else.


Interesting to note that the last two big gun-toting benders in America were gleefully latched upon by some posters closer to home were actually Atheist extremist attacks on Christian churches, plus just after Obama was elected (not that I am blaming Barack Obama AT ALL in the slightest, extreme lefties attacked, invaded and ransacked a number of churches in the States). Given the extremism of them and the likes of the Shining Path Guerrillas in Peru and the long jail sentences and executions for Christian pastors in China and Vietnam, and the terrible persecutions of Christians in the old Soviet Union, including making Christians eat crap and drink urine in a parody of Holy Communion, I would say Atheists have hardly the right to speak since they along with Islamic extremists are the religious bigots of the 21st century, and perhaps this is the real reason by Observer is against the Peace Centre, because the Peace Centre would bring about reconciliation, help sideline and defeat extremism, and thus prevent a hardline and persecuting solution to the 'vermin' of religion.


Secular education is not enough to stop the 'religious disease'. You are going to have to emulate the Soviet, Chinese and Vietnamese methods to achieve what you want- as well as of course spread lies about the evil Christian conspiracy to destroy the world which is becoming popular amongst journalists.


Oh. One of the patrons of the Peace Centre is the Bishop of Liverpool. Is that the problem? So, when are you going to picket the Peace Centre and block the Bishop of Liverpool from going into it?


There answer is of course, there won't be. Because it's all blether and hot air from the Obblivious one! :lol:


Too scared of the Wahhabis, more like!

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Feeble! You know fine well my views are far more nuanced than that. They were Islamic extremists, where religion and power poilitics are the same thing. Just like with Socialism, where the Politburo are their own little vengeful, vindictive hateful, gods. :roll:


May God play you Atheists and Muslim extremists ruthlessly off against each other before you destroy the world. By letting you do what you want to the point where both sides will self-destruct.


Meanwhile the torture, executions, beheadings, and murders of Christians by gun-toting Atheists and Muslims continue worldwide.


While lying unbelieving shysters throughout history have hijacked Christianity, and tried to destroy it that way, at least they are kind of ore open now. But what they do now is blame Christianity on the cries done in its name even though they are the Crusaders' true successors.

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Why can't the Atheist bigots (Commie gits) and the Islamic extremists get on like good Christians (ie the real ones, not the blackguard types who 'converted' people by the sword and didn't take in a single word Jesus taught). Of course, what is forgotten is that when the Church were a bunch of bloodthirsty clerics and knights, they forbade the Bible from being read by the commoner, forced a Latin translation on everyone, burned at the stake those with the audacity to translate it into the common tongue, and if, if, Christian groups dared try to model themselves on the New Testament, like the Waldenses, Hussites and Lollards, then they got burned too! (With devil hats on their heads as well.) That was a time when manipulative kings and worldly popes and bishops in their rich livery invented a weird pseudo-pagan belief system unrecognisable to the ordinary Jews from Galilee. Then what do the sceptics say now: DUH the bibbledidit.

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Ah, yes, like all the massacres that occur every day in all churches over the country, old ladies stabbing each other at women's meetings, poisoned quiches at Vicar's Garden Parties, the big vergers' plots to kill the world population through ringing the church bells too loud, the Bishop of Liverpool's evil infiltration of the Warrington Peace Centre. Evil, I say, EVIL!!!


And what do those kids playing the Wise Men in the Nativity plays have in their parcels! I know! Gold, frankincense and myrrh was secret code for gunpowder from China to teach Jesus to be the first suicide bomber! And when Jesus raised those people from the dead what He was really doing was reversing time so He was really KILLING them but deceitfully reversing time to fool people into thinking He was bringing them back to life!


Santa Claus then is playing the same trick- the creep who reverses time to con people so they would not realise he's the one who steals all the kids' toys!


Meanwhile, somewhere on Mount Athos, Greek monks plan their next move and boxing techniques for recommending by email to their brethren in Jerusalem and Bethlehem for the next time they want to beat the crap out of Russian Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Coptic Orthodox monks during the next annual Shrove Tuesday kick a saint's skull (so long as the skull is not of that denomination) football match where the altars act as the goalmouths, and where the goal is scored when a rival monk rather than the skull flies through it!


Wait a minute, I believe the last paragraph, but not the rest. :lol::wink::roll: After all, thngs are so bad that for centuries the MUSLIMS have had to look after the keys to the Chutrch of the Holy Sepulchre and be its caretakers, usually having to stop monks from biffing each other!


Belief that all relgious people are violent the split second they believe in God will lead to the people believing that becoming the violent ones eventually.


To misquote Dawkins' campaign on the buses in London,


"Religious people are not necessarily going to beat the crap out of you, poison your quiche at Vicar's garden parties, or turn church railings into spears to throw at you, or use water pistols to shoot communion wine in your eyes, or (worst of all) kill you by preaching far too long in the pulpit and confuse you with 16th century language from the Prayer Book or AKJV 1611, sorry, 1769 revised, Bible, or some kid muck up the Nativity play by changing the story by letting Mary and Joseph in the inn for badness, so stop worrying and get on with your life."


Oh, and if you go to a church do, don't be too hard on them if the egg and onion sandwiches have run out. It might just have been an accident!

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