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yet more last gasp heart break against St Helens - can't wait for Sean Long to retire! :roll:

How many times is this guy going to put a knif ein Warrington's heart.

Warrington were outstanding and deserved to win - lets hope they don't implode like after the breathtaking cup defeat.

I suppose if we are evr going to beat Saints it would mean much more in a final when something is at stake.

Roll on Old Trafford!

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When the match was being played I was battling the elements in my tent..I listened briefly to it on the radio and the score was tied 10-10. I knew if I carried on listening we would get another battering so switched off. The susbstitution of Lee Briers said to me he's on the way out. He's been a great clubman for a long time at the Wire, he's had his benefit season and owes the club nothing. It could be a good thing for him financially if he is to become part of the Taff set up in Bridgend, he's at the fag end of his career anyway. It'd have to be on a commuting basis though, I can't see him leaving his Rainford gaff and his all too familiar watering holes for good.

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