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Favourite track of all time


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And nice to see that you still know how to use your 'rolly eyes' when you reply :roll:


Yes, my sound is still somewhat temperamental as are members of my family when I have my music on but your :roll: are obviously intentional... WHY'S THAT :roll::roll::roll::(


Misso :P

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Wishing Well - Free, Fire It Up - Black label Society, Girls Made Of Heavy Metal - Hysterica, Follow - 4Bitten, Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden, Du Hast - Rammstein, Manslaughter - FuryUK, Maze of Souls - Lisa Smith's Powerhaus, Cry Sweet Freedom - Tygers of Pan Tang etc etc



'The sands of time for me are running low' .......

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one of mine is bunny berigan I CANT GET STARTED available on you yube maybe a bit old for some.


I've got this on a vynil album, it's great.


And may I say what an honour it is to have you on this forum, though I guess you're well over 90 now. Love your "Begin the Beguine", Artie, that's another favourite of mine. :wink:

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This must be a first - a post from beyond the grave! Of course, it could be ANOTHER Artie Shaw and its just a coincidence he likes good music!

you cant beat it i have listened to artie shaw since the early 50s

i was brought up with it dorsey,goodman,basie,james.

as i type i am listening to artie and helen forrest deep purple i didnt know there was artie fans on here. :roll:

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