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Beat Gary


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Dear football fan,


Are you up for a football challenge?


Your friend (Gary Skentelbery ) has already entered the fantastic MailOnline 2008-09 Fantasy Football competition and is boasting that they have far more football knowledge and would make a much better manager than you!


What do you reckon? Are they having a laugh? Can you prove yourself the better boss?


To make it a little more interesting if you want a flutter send Gary ?40 which will go into a pot (?1 a week) with the winner takes all at the end of the season.


We thought so...


Here's what to do:


1: Go to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/fantasyfootball



2: Click on Select Team and go through the team selection and registration process


3: Once you are on your team line-up page, click on Mini League and type the following information in the Join A Mini League boxes:


League Name: worldwide championship

Password: orbit


You should now be ready to compete with (and hopefully beat) the challenger Gary Skentelbery to the title that should be rightfully yours!


Enjoy the game and good luck in trying to win the awesome first prize of £25,000!


MailOnline Fantasy Football HQ


http://www.dailymail.co.uk/fantasyfootball :roll:

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