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Can you hear me Peter?


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check they are plugged in they are usually colour coded to avoid mistakes.


are they switched on, mine shows a green light on the speaker when it is on.


is the volume on the speakers turned up or down.have occasionally confused the volume dial with the bass when i don't have my glasses on.


is the volume control set right. it may be that something is muted on it preventing sound from playing.


is the driver working ok (for the soundcard) check with the device manager.


are the audio properties set to the correct soundcard and enabled for playback.if this is not ticked then you will not get sound.


finally are the batteries in your hearing aid ok :P:shock::lol:


sorry could not resist that last one :twisted:


i know all these have probably already been checked but it does not hurt to have a quick look at them. one way of testing is to replace the speakers with a set of headphones and see if they work. it may be that the cable has become damaged and needs to be either replaced or a new set of speakers purchased.

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