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Great win against Leeds!


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The best the Wire have played for many a day. Smiles back on their faces and looking as if they are really enjoying what they are doing. What gets my goat are the newspapers reporting that Wire have beaten an injury ravaged, fatigued Leeds team. What a load of cobblers !! Leeds had their engine room of Sinfield, Burrow and Maguire playing plus quality players all over the pitch, if anything the Wire were the weaked team due to injuries. As to fatigue..they haven't played for a week so why *fatigued?* If they can't play a match with ONLY 7 days rest they can't be very fit. Did you notice a change in Leeds tactics in the last 20 minutes? Up until then they had been flopping away in the tackle and delaying the play the ball. Once they looked as if they were going to be beaten and the clock started to be against them they stopped doing it and couldn't get off the tackled player quick enough. It's about time referees started to observe both St Helens and Leeds using these holding down tactics but they just can't seem to spot it. Also, it's nice to see that Jimmy Lowes reads my pearls of wisdom on this forum because the defensive line has started to move up to the tackle much more quickly, just as I recommended. Give us a name check in your next interview Jimmy, just a wink and a quiet *Safe* will do. Perhaps I should write a column in Warrington Wordwide so Jimmy can go straight to it instead of trawling the forum.

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If you look back through all my interviews I think you will see that I have been banging the defensive drum for a long time!

The number of penalties has also been reduced from an average of 10 a game to about three!

DEFENCE WINS GAMES! Last night proved it!

If we can beat Saints next week book your tickets for the Grand Final - if we have enough players left! :roll:

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A good win and without wishing to detract from a gutsy performance I can't help feeling we are heading for a fall next week,

I just hope that I am proven wrong but even a defeat would be just about palatable as long as it isn't a drubbing.

On a more positive note weren't the younger players impressive last night? A great effort and an even(might I hazard to say)brighter prospect for our team in the future.

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My head is still absolutely buzzing. What a brilliant match.


Does anyone know if Sky Sports broadcasts in Greece? Can't go to the match next weekend :(


Of course they do - will be plenty of bars showing the match - but the report will be updated on here as well! So if you can't find it on a Tv find a cyber cafe :wink:

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Ta for that. Haven't been there for over 20 years, so I'm a bit out of touch.


You'll have to start offering a score texting service!


I think the Wolves do one - do you not read the programme?



But I fear that they may text me about other things too, which I may not be interested in.


A friend of mine subscribes to an RL update service and they are way behind with scores.


I was just thinking there was a market for someone reliable :wink:

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I like Jimmy Lowes, he has that self deprecating humour and doesn't have an overblown self-opinion of himself. If you ask him the time he tells you what time it is and not how to make a watch.Makes you mightily relieved after 6 years of nuclear verbosity we had from a certain you-know-who.

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