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3 months since the local elections... anything changed yet ?


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But thankfully I didn't use the word promise anywhere, dangerous word for politicians to use, and interestingly it is a word I very rarely use, I don't need to, as those people who know me, know my word is my bond. :wink:


So if that is the case, what did you say you would do then Paul? Seeing as your word is your bond it would be interesting to see if you bonded well!

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But thankfully I didn't use the word promise anywhere, dangerous word for politicians to use, and interestingly it is a word I very rarely use


Always thinking one step ahead eh :wink:


Does that mean you were never a boy scout though Paul :lol::P:wink:

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OK from my bin here are some pre election 'statements' for Stockton Heath..... Borough and Parish level Lib Dems .... better not call them promises :wink: Not found any others yet but here's a start.


I'm not intentionally being picky on the Lib Dems (for once) but their leaflet is the first one I have managed to find.


Continue to work with Borough Councillors to ensure a continuing public toilet facility in Stockton Heath


Firstly the toilets were closed in Feb 2007 so the word 'continuing' was somewhat misleading' :roll: Well we still have no public toilets after 1 1/2 years and apparently they are NOT going to be re-opened according to the elected LD Borough Councillor representative..... although she still says she is looking into alternative use for the facility :?::roll: STOCKTON HEATH NEED TOILETS !!!!!!!


Keep up the pressure for a residents parking scheme in the village.


Residents have been complaining about this for a long long time and it was obviously important enought to be included in the LD election material. BUT it's STILL the same and parking around the village centre is and absolute nightmare for residents .. so still no change there either :roll:


Work with local organisations for the benefits of the community
OK but doing what exactly ? Not seen any changes or benefits for a long time other than the increase in restaurants and bars :roll:


Continue to work with our police community support officers to tackle vandalism and anti-social behaviour


Same yobs hanging about, same level of drunk behaviour in the village especially at weekends, vandalism to vehicles etc still happening but people don't bother repoting it any more ... so still no change there :roll:


Once in a while it would be nice to see some sort of positive action being taken on issues that have been promised (oops mentioned) and that residents have continually asked to be addressed :(


Simply listening does not really help :wink:

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Driving through Callands tonight, I noticed they had finished the footpath that now runs all the way from the BT call centre roundabout down to LA Bowl. I also noticed on the other side of the road; what looks to be a very small layby being prepared.... looks to be just big enough to hold say.... hmmmm maybe a speed camera van (or talivan as they are affectionately known)


Maybe this is a new way to pay for improvements; yes you can have your new footpath.... but lets sting the motorist to pay for it!


Maybe some of our beloved local councillors would like to comment? Is this a new policy?


I was very tempted to stick a big sign up.... "Warrington Borough Council.... paying for improvements by stealth"!

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