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a few questions about Spain

Evil Sid

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how much do you know about this place



Spain quiz


1. Which is the only Spanish city to have hosted the Olympic games?

2. Which town, about 35 miles south of Madrid, is noted for its gardens and palace, and appears in the title of a guitar concerto by Rodrigo?

3. Which Spanish seaport is closest to Gibraltar?

4. Which river rises in eastern Spain and has its outflow into the Atlantic near Lisbon?

5. The city of Granada is separated from the Mediterranean by which mountain range?

6. Which sea cape lies between Cadiz and the Strait of Gibraltar?

7. Which separatist organisation has waged a militant political and terrorist campaign against the Spanish government since 1959?

8. Which famous holiday resort is the largest of the Costa Blanca?

9. Which people of North Africa conquered Spain during the 8th and 9th centuries?

10. In which city is the famous Alhambra Palace?

11. In which city is the renowned annual bull run known as the San Fermin?

12. What were the dates of the Spanish Civil War?

13. The bombing of the town of Guernica during the Civil War was carried out mainly by aircraft of which country?

14. The inauguration of which king saw the reintroduction of a Spanish monarchy in 1975?

15. Which war was caused by the acceptance of the Spanish throne by Louis XIV on behalf of his grandson Philip, and lasted from 1701 to 1714?

16. Mahon is the capitol of which Spanish island?

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