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anyone know their walton hall stuff ?


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making the most of the whole summer (yesterday), we (my family) and my wider family met up in walton gardens for a realxing day.


with memories of my youth there I took the kids golf ball hunting at the edge of the course, which involves mooching around in the wooded area and getting bitten to a mushy pulp by gnats and mosqitos.


anyway (getting to the point and not novelizing my question) hideen in the wooded area we stumbled upon a carved stone at the base of a tree. I assumed some sort of grave, though I dont know.


I have googled, the writing /initials dates, but no results


one side of the stone (above ground roughly 1' sq) reads simply




the other side reads either


CG or GG


with the date either 1862 or 1812


I hage googled, and read on the greenal family which may be a reference to the GG (but it looked more like CG to be honest.


but cant find anything on the TLB


anyone have any ideas ?

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If you go back to the hall or phone the rangers at the hall they will be able to tell you, also if you are interested ask if you can see the family coach. that is a lovely piece of Warrington craftmanship.

I understand that it is a twin to Sir Robert Peels coach.


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From what I can remember of 40+ years researching and visiting Walton Hall Gardens the Greenall family buried other pets in addition to the well known horse burials (on the front lawn overlooking the pond).


My suggestion is that you may have found the burial of a well loved dog (cats, goats and rabbits seldom had head stones although they are not unkown.) The rangers will know for certain but I'm betting its a dog or dogs :angelwings:

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