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Stockton Heath Village


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Some of Stockton Heath Village and descriptions where known


St Thomas Church, London Road - Grade II Listed Building






Red Lion Inn, London Road (Pub :wink: ) - Grade II Listed Building




Mullbery Tree Hotel, London Road (Pub :wink: ) - Grade II Listed Building[/img]






Thorn Marine, London Road (under threat of demolition) - Locally Listed







Original Barbers Shop, London Road




London Bridge Pub, London Road (Bridge is Locally Listed but not sure about the Pub)








Used to be the Old 'Hilal' Building, Victoria Square, London Road




Manchester Ship Canal (left site of Walton Locks development and SH Swing Bridge in distance)




No pictures of Stockton Heath's Locally Listed (soon to demolished) Primary School as yet :wink:

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A growing team of photographers (three of you) perhaps we should start an area where you report the local news from your neck of the woods as well! :roll::wink:


Dunno about that Gary as I sometimes get very strange people appearing on my photos..... any idea who the bloke with the black coat is chatting to our friendly village Romans outside the Mullbery Tree Pub / Police Station :P:wink:





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  • 10 years later...

Hiya Victoria and welcome to the forum :D

It's never occurred to me that there were taxis in the 1900's. 

Can you be more precise with a year range and  do you know which side of the Mulberry Tree pub his taxi firm was on?  Any more info would help :D 

I'll have a look through all my old Stockton Heath photos on my other hard drive when I have a better idea of the year(s) I need to look at and maybe there could be some record of his business in the old trade directories.  Have you already tried those?

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Hiya again, I just had a look on the 1911 Census and found him aged 54 listed as 'Cab Proprietor' and an 'Employer' but all it says is that he and his family lived at Victoria Square (which is/was where the Mullberry Tree Pub is but back then could have included premises around the square itself I guess).


1911 census aged 54.jpg

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Silly me....having researched their family tree further I now find that the James Endersby in the above records was the FATHER of James E Endersby  and the latter was listed as a TAXI PROPRIETOR at Victoria Square, Stockton Heath.  Always bugs me when parents pass down the same name to their children ha ha.

Still not much use though only having the address 'Victoria Square' but I;m sure we will figure it out eventually.


1939 Register Jame E Endersby born 1887 TAXI PROPRIETOR (James Jnr).jpg

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I'm sorry as I'm not being much use as everything else I'm finding just says Victoria Square too for James Snr and Jnr but I;m having so much fun looking :D .

One thing has just occurred to me though and that is that Victoria Square outside the Mulberry Tree Pub used to be the place that all the large Horse Drawn 'busses' used to go to and from .  It was a very busy area back in the day for that form of transport and people were taken back and too to Warrington town centre and other villages.
Back in those days most forms of transport involved horses and James Snr & Jnr both clearly worked in the horse business as Groomers, Coachmen etc. according to their records some of which I've already posted above.

The Mullbery Tree Pub also had a large stable block at the back (which are still there today and I think there were more right next to it too down the back alley at the rear ( so I'm wondering if the 'CAB' Proprietor business was more to do with Horse Cabs.   It would make sense.  Perhaps they started up their own Horse 'Cab' business but ran it from premises/stables at the back of the Mulberry Tree or the buildings behind in the alley way hence it just saying 'Victoria Square as it would have no street address.

Maybe they ran Hansom Cabs (horse drawn smaller carriages which would carry a couple of people along with the 'driver') as perhaps they noticed a niche in the market and went into competition with the bigger Horse Busses which were often over full and presumably only covered set routes but theirs being smaller carrying only a few people could be more adaptable to take people where they wanted to go ie direct to their own home or to the next pub lol.

I'll stop rambling on until I hear back from you on here Victoria as I may be telling you things you already know anyway....oops if I am


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