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Bewsey Old Hall


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It is a crying shame it is just sitting there rotting and not playing a major role in our local heritage and culture - and to think it could have been a base for the peace centre - no comparison between the two buildings. :roll:

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BOH is the stuff of legends, I know that every ghost story of my childhood somehow was related to BOH, I rekon its snobbery, if this building was in lymm it would have a visitors center and be fully restored...but bewsey is way down on the list of council priorities.

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some pictures from a few years back when they had a tour of the hall and grounds.

a view of the east ( if memory is correct) side of the house from the garden inside the moated area



west and south side with the ranger station entrance to the left.



if i remember rightly this was the coach entrance and was once open at both ends. the duty groom and footman used to have to sleep in an alcove so that guests could be received at any time. not a good thing in winter i would assume.



a view of the inside of the bedroom where the slaughter of the master of the house took place and where the white lady is said to appear during the night



thought i had more than this but these were all i could find.

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My guess its only hope for its survival and renovation is its "sale" to someone who would quite like a British passport....I understand some Russians have plenty of money at the moment.


There needs to be some imagination in the process.


Local Authorities and the like have no money for such buildings and never will.


I recall Oxford City Council who owned Hillingdon Hill Hall but couldn't afford its upkeep, let Robert Maxwell have it virtually rent free provided he renovated and maintained it, which he actually did very well....rogue as he turned out to be. It has since become a small college.

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