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Any old pics of warrington and especially Padgate would be great.


I don't have any old pics sorry ex Padgate girl but Baz J, who is a regular poster on here, once pointed me to a superb site with tons of local pictures and history.


Could you help please Baz?

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........as if by magic; the shopkeeper appears!!


The site address is http://www.mywarrington.me.uk/


Not sure who runs it but it is a blooming mine of photos of Warrington.


Also the following sites have some good photos:




This one has photos of the old Arpley Station: http://www.subbrit.org.uk/sb-sites/stations/w/warrington_arpley/index.shtml


and this one shows you the sites of the old workhouses around the town. Very interesting; especially when I think they have just demolished the old one in the hospital lately?





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I was brought up on London Road, Appleton, our house was opposite Warrington Golf Club house and was the detached house on the corner of the side road Fairways, its been sold since my Dad moved and now looks like a contender for " pimp my house". BUT when I was little my Dad used to take me for walks around Dudlow Green where further on the what is now a Co op and recently was a Spar, and when I was little was a Frozen food centre along with a butcher, new agents etc and the Parish hall, none of the other houses were built. I watched with interest as a little girl as me and my Dad watched the foundations being built etc, my Dad has now bought one of the flats, always said he would and managed to keep his word to himself, but I wonder if there are any photo's of before the builders and developers went in and went one step further ( or too far in my view) and built over the whole lot? Dudlow Green road was a dead end, just a gate and there was always a pony ( which my sister and I after what we thought as little girls was a long bike ride, would give Polo's to) before they opened it up, built a road that now links with Longwood road etc etc. Hope my request makes sense.

I used to be able to see for miles from my bedroom window which was at the back of the house when I was little, miles and miles of fields on a clear summers day, nothing in the way but tree's etc and what was to be a secondary School, then known as Appleton Hall until it merged with Stockton Heath High and became Bridgwater High.

I wonder if picture's are around of that view I remember?

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