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New season

James P

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Is it just me or can everyone else not wait until the new season kicks off?! Since the Euros finished there's only been the mind-numbing pre-season friendlies to keep us going! It's not as though the transfer market is booming either, seems us regular fans aren't the only ones feeling the pinch of the credit crunch :roll::lol: Seriously though, this no-football lark has got to stop!

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Haha Peter, by the way, I happened to notice you sporting a rather dashing purple shirt in one of the articles in the latest Warrington Worldwide :shock::wink: very nice. Take it you'll be going the charity day at the club? are you venturing down to the home of football for tomorrow's game?

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TVs been relatively sport free - good; :
:?: Wimbledon, cricket, Scottish open, The Open, The Tour, been heaps to watch since the Euros ended.


And there's about eleventy billion channels, you don't have to watch sport if you don't like it, but as the majority do, there's a handful of dedicated channels for sports fans, and the terrestrials show a small amount of sport to try to keep some of their viewers.

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