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User names and display names!


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Any old posters returning to the new look site may find you have a problem logging in.

The old system had a user name and a display name, while the new system only has a user name, so when the user details were imported into the new system it selected the user names meaning the old display names are now defunct.

Those of you who had the same user name/display name will not have been affected.

Those of you who changed your user name to a display name will not be able to log in unless you can remember the old user name.

If you have any problems let us know.

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Hiya keithb


I'm a tad confused now you say you can't log in and may have forgotten your sign in details but to have actually posted what you did means that you would have HAD to been logged in with your correct username and password


ie....if you aren't logged in you can't actually post on any part of the forum.


Maybe I just misunderstood you.... so I will answer the question anyway


I have looked and both your display name  and log in name are currently set to keithb


....if it's your password you have forgotten then on the sign in screen simply enter your username (keithb) and under the  'password' box you will see a link which says "I've forgotten my password'.


Click that and follow the instruction (I think it asks for the email address you registered with) and you will receive a return email with a password reset link/instructions.  (Note if you do not receive your automated email, which you might not being with yahoo as they don't seem to like automated replies, then simply email  info@warrington-worldwide.co.uk  directly making sure to quote your screen/username 'keithb'... and ask for you username and/or password to be manually reset for you :wink:


PS I have removed your personal email address from your original post as anyone from anywhere will be able to see it regardless of whether they are forum members or not... don't want you getting spammed by weirdos from far away countries    :wink:

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