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yellow is the colour


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Have you noticed the emergence of millions of miles of yellow lines and squiggles on the roads and pavements in cenrtral Warrington?


These appeared overnight last week and there is a need for road users to wear sunglasses to avoid damaging their eyes. The yellow paint is rumoured to have come from brown's bunker or from the dank cellars of palmyra house.

It has been used to try and cover up the holes in Museum Street and to mark how far everyone walks in Warrington so that they cann be issued with a walking charge to allay the cost of the management needed to introduce this phenomena.

It is also rumoured that the department of transport is using the town as a trial for estimating how many miles of road can be covered to prevent any motor vehicle stopping anywhere. as a means of ridding the country of the troublesome motor car. Thnere will be exemptions of course for any council officer's car or bicycle. This is because the money saved in using the paint as opposed to selling it to a politician will count in reduction of council taX FOR 2010. DETAILS WILL APPEAR IN THE PRE BUDGET ANNOUNCEMENT LATER THIS YEAR.

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