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pop music one hit wonders quiz

Evil Sid

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Pop music one hit wonders


(any chart positions refer to the uk charts unless stated otherwise)


1. Whose ?there she goes? reached the top twenty in 1990?

2. Reaching number three in 1991 Monty Python?s ?always look on the bright side of life? comes from which film?

3. Which duo sang ?je taime?? banned in many countries on its release in 1969?

4. ?Something in the air? was a chart success for which act in 1969?

5. Whose ?it?s raining men? reached number 2 in 1984?

6. Which title was a success for Bobby McFerrin in 1988?

7. ?I?ll be there for you? by the Rembrandts is the theme song to which TV series?

8. ?Your woman? was a number 1 success for which act in 1997?

9. What was the song by Baha Men which reached number 2 in 2000?

10. Who reached number 1 in 2001 with ?because I got high??

11. Which outlandish act had a scorching worldwide success with ?fire? in 1968?

12. ?Video killed the radio star? was a one off multinational number 1 success in 1979 for which band?

13. Who is otherwise known as ?chef? his voice being used for a southpark character, who had a 2000 hit with ?chocolate salty balls??

14. Whose ?99 red balloons reached number 1 in 1984?

15. Which 1980s instrumental release and theme tune to Beverly Hills Cop, was part used for the 2005 crazy frog ringtone?

16. ?The one and only? was a big hit for Chesney Hawkes in 1991. To which 1960s pop group did his father belong?

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The La's

Life of Brian

Serge Gainsborough & Jane Birkin

Thunderclap Newman

Weather Girls

Don't Worry be Happy


White Town

Who Let The Dogs Out


Crazy World of Arthur Brown


Isaac Hayes


Axel F





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oops missed the and out sorry :oops:




1. The La?s

2. Life of Brian

3. Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg

4. Thunderclap Newman

5. The Weather Girls

6. ?Don?t Worry Be Happy?

7. Friends

8. White Town

9. ?Who let the dogs out?

10. Afroman

11. The crazy world of Arthur Brown

12. Buggles

13. Isaac Hayes

14. Nena

15. Axel F.

16. The Tremeloes

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