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a mixed bag quiz

Evil Sid

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Mixed Bag quiz


1. What is the county town of Shropshire?

2. Dallas, Texas, is linked geographically to which other city, with which it shares an international airport?

3. In which century did diarist Samuel Pepys die?

4. In 1987 which jockey (uk) was jailed after being found guilty of tax fraud?

5. Julian Lloyd Webber is a virtuoso player of which instrument?

6. Who produced Ike and Tina Turner?s ?river deep mountain high? using his characteristic ?wall of sound? aural effect?

7. What is the Latin name for the northern lights the high-atmosphere effects seen in high latitude northern hemisphere regions?

8. What is the Latin name for the southern equivalent of the northern lights?

9. What was the ?charity appeal? of one of rock band Pulp?s record of 1997?

10. Which actor played Dr Who in the first TV series in 1963?

11. Which Swedish born actress starred in the film ?Casablanca??

12. Which famous Indian-born naturalist spent much of his childhood on the island or Corfu?

13. Which famous spy, executed by the French in 1917, was formerly a stripper in Berlin?

14. Which seaport, famous for the attack on the Italian fleet by the royal navy in 1940, is situated between the ?toe? and ?heel? of Italy?

15. Who wrote the fantasy novels ?the colour of magic? and ?the light fantastic??

16. Who composed the ?little Russian? symphony, also known as the ?Ukrainian? symphony?

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1. Shrewsbury

2. Fort Worth

3. The 18th century (died in 1703)

4. Lester Piggott

5. The cello

6. Phil Spectre

7. Aurora Borealis

8. Aurora Australis

9. Help the Aged

10. William Hartnell

11. Ingrid Bergman

12. Gerald Durrell

13. Mata Hari

14. Taranto

15. Terry Pratchett

16. Tchaikovsky

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