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Would/could todays generation do it?


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Watched Jeremy Clarkson, doing a documentary about the WW2 St Nazaire Commando Raid; where an old destroyer, full of explosive was crashed into a dry dock and the port facilities for the Tirpiz were destroyed. :? Talk about mission impossible, but they did it; but alas with less than 500 commandos taking on over 5,000 Germans, it was ultimately a suicide mission. :cry: Would those brave men, if they could see todays outcomes, think their sacrifice was worth it? :? Would today's generation be willing, able and capable of such sacrifice? :wink:

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Unfortunately, we don't have conscription, and in this case (WW2), all Commandoes were "volunteers", and subjected to a rigourous training regime, regular speed marches with 60lb packs, they invented the obstacle course, manoevres with live ammunition etc. :shock: I would suggest that most youngsters nowadays couldn't hack the training, never mind the real thing - mores the pity, as perhaps that's what they need; breaking down then building up again. :wink:

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