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Bee Poo. :(


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Here’s a question.

Is anybody else getting as much bee poo as me at the moment?

Bloomin car’s covered in the stuff, small yellow brown spots everywhere. Doesn’t do any harm to the paintwork or so the experts say but it’s an absolute beggar to wash off. I cleaned my garage window just yesterday and I’ve just counted and there’s already 13 blobs of the stuff. I don’t think there’s a local beekeeper that I know of; we get some bees in the garden but probably no more than anyone else.

Bee interesting to see if anyone else has this problem.


Bill 😊

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can't say i have ever noticed anything like that Bill, even when i had a bumble bee nest in my extension roof.

could be solitary bees rather than a hive, they live in holes in wood or brickwork.

bumble bees will make a nest for one season and then move on, which is what happened to me.

from what i have gathered it is digested pollen with better adhesive qualities than the best man made glues and as you have found out removeable only with a lot of elbow grease. (not that stuff sold in Iceland but the old fashioned sort)...💪

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I’ve just been for a walk to the end of the road and back and noticed it’s not just me being targeted, so it’s likely that it’s an area thing. I think most people would assume all the marks to be normal bug splatter you get from driving, but my house windows prove otherwise.

Interestingly, there’s an old guy across the road from me who hasn’t cleaned or driven his car in about ten years; it’s just parked on his drive and looks no worse than mine. Could be that although the stuffs hard to get off, over time it weathers and fades too almost nothing.

It’s a minor annoyance but at least it’s not keeping me awake at night. 😊


Bill 😊

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wouldn't know Bill not cleaned my car for quite a few years due to one thing or another.

probably mine coated with the stuff seems to be going a nice shade of brown over time.

got myself a new jetwash fixed up so i may just try and get the moss off and hope it is not the dirt that's holding it together.....🤣

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