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"On the doorstep"

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I keep hearing this phrase from politicians on TV, as if they actually still knock on doors and subject themselves to abuse by the great British public.   Long ago, they reverted to establishing phone banks to gather support data, and cynically aren't interested in convincing people, just farming positive support, and ensuring it votes.   The only prominent politician to actually meet people and discuss issues is Farage, and at great risk to himself from nutters, as we have seen.  The last thing a politician wants is to spend time trying to convince folk on the doorstep,  who only goal is to vent their spleen, often with some abuse,  they simply want to know, will you be voting for them.   If yes,  they will log your data and then try to ensure that you actually vote for them.   :unsure:   Has anyone actually had a knock on the door for this election ?

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if they knocked on my door i would probably think they were touting loft insulation.

the last time any party rep called round was pre thatcher and before the rise of career politicians.

come an election being announced you would be inundated with them and have a mountain of leaflets on your doorstep asking if they can count on your support.

there were time when i was tempted to explain the difference between a truss and an abacus....🙄

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On 6/15/2024 at 5:19 PM, Observer II said:

Well we're looking at 5years of woke Liebour Gov, unless you vote and imo, vote for Reform.   :unsure:

Reform Can't add up, look what they are promising, the money and the promise on the NHS, is really funny 

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31 minutes ago, Observer II said:

Well you would say that wouldn't you.   Go for a swim with Ed Davy !     😆

Not just me saying it, everyone is, and their promises have been independently costed, guess what they are saying the same as me😂

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