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Australian youths copy USA gangs and beat others up for FUN!

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I suppose that it had to happen but I've just listened to a report on radio 4 highlighting the problems that are occurring in Perth and Sydney.


Apparently gangs of youths have taken to fighting and beating up teenagers recently copying the gang culture of the US. They are watching videos on the internet and corresponding with the gangs boasting of their achievements.


Recently youths were attacked at a Perth railway station whilst another gang molested a teenage girl in Sydney.


One of the downsides of ICT I suppose.

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I missed the references to how gangs in Oz were influenced by US -- was it TV programs, films, or those new devilish video games -- where a 'player' has a gun and confronts 'enemies' and blasts them away.


I see my grandson playing Grand Theft Auto 4 -- and I say: I wonder why they don't make video games showing rescue workers in a disaster, firemen in a fire, or medical workers in an epidemic or food distributors in a land of famine.


He answers: those wouldn't be fun!

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