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Historic diets?


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Bread and vegetables, plus lots of red meat were the staple diet for centuries Obs ............... difference then than nowadays is that folk did hard physical work and thus 'wore off' any excess calories they 'might' have consumed ! lard, tallow and all other solid animal fats were present in large amounts in the diet but were burned off, nowadays because very few do 'hard physical labour' any fats like this stay on !! the introduction of sugar in the 16th century and its 'vast' use in everything nowadays doesn't help either, many skeletons that are excavated from centuries ago have far better teeth in them than most people today .......... again the old saying 'have we advanced' ? :roll::roll::roll:

There's actually recorded evidence of the food that was issued to archers etc from the medieval period when on campaigns, the bulk of which was bread, meat and plenty of ale !!!! :wink: but lets not forget that they 'walked' miles to reach their destination ! most people now won't walk 100 yards (or metres if you're under 30 :roll: ) to the shops.

I think it can be assumed that 'bone idleness' has a lot to do with it nowadays :wink:


AND, don't forget there were no spuds until the late 16th century, so 'chip butties' weren't heard of !! :lol::lol::wink:

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