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Jimmy Lowes on his winning start ....


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Mr Lowe's naturally seems a little uncomfortable in an interview with it being new to him but he doesn't just ramble on in an attempt to make himself sound the world's greatest RL pundit. You could see his discomfort when at the end of the interview he almost did a leap of joy and punched the air. I'd like to see him bring a bit of himself to the team by getting the team to sail a little close to the wind in terms of trying to bend the rules of the game much as he did himself in his playing days. He was an annoying little chap if you supported the teams he played against but that's what all top players do. Murphy. Boston, Karalius, Duggie Greenall,Mick Sullivan and the rest. We all hated them but wouldn't have half minded to have had them in our team.

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He certainly seems to be enjoying his stint as Head Coach. Interestingly, he mentioned right at the start that the players were relaxed and happy and playing with a smile on their faces. Does that mean that they weren't during PC's reign and if not did he not have the support of the dressing room? Maybe this was why the players weren't playing for him and the results were so dire?

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