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Seems the Government is going to miss it's anti-poverty targets for both young and old. :roll: Is this the same Government that has presided over the greatest increase in the wealth gap for decades? That stuck to Thatcher's 40% super-tax limit, and has witnessed the emergence of more millionairs than ever. That increased tax on the least well off from 10% to 20%, when they should have been taken out of tax altogether. :x That taxes the poor then recycles it as means tested benefits and credits, thus sustaining the dependent society. :evil: OK, there may be a Frank Gallagher culture out there, with generations being strangers to work and a benefits system that disincentifies working in any event. :roll: Seems, if they're going to throw more money at the problem, they'll need about ?3billion, but alas we're heading into a recession, so not much scope for more public spending. :wink:

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Isn't it a case of deja vu? Didn't they do this last time they were in power?

Borrow, borrow, borrow!!!

The next Government will spend years paying it back, whilst the country suffers.


I am still waiting to hear what level poverty is set at.

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The EU definition is less than 60% of median salary - around ?18k pa! :? The problem is, this Government are throwing cash at feckless families to spend on fags, booze and junk food; instead of making those items thought healthy and essential cheap or free to all EG: Rent, healthy foods, school uniforms, child care, public transport etc. :wink:

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