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Optimum population levels?


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Sometimes a rhetorical question can stimulate thought; however it seems to have got Socrates into trouble! :wink: If one travels the globe as a couch potatoe, by watching decent TV progs; the amount of land areas that are virtually uninhabited is quite amazing. :? However, most are fairly inhospitable. EG: the whole of the USA and W/Europe could fit into Siberia - but with winters at 30degrees below zero it may not attract many folk. :wink:

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Presumably, optimum population levels would mean a much smaller demand for housing, thus even less requirement to build houses on every square piece of open land, for one. :roll: Indeed their would reduced demand for all manner of services - however, the secret is, maintaining a demographic balance between young and old - perhaps an arguement for euthanasia?! :wink:

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