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Wolves Shop :-(

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To be honest I just thought it was me being to choosy but.........


Two of my friends went into the shop this weekend to buy some stuff for Perpignan and came out empty handed both stating total lack of anything different to buy.

I find it hard to believe the shop has sold out of newly designed polos etc. so can only assume they weren't there in the first place.

Crickey 3,000+ going to France this month and not one "On tour with Wolves" Tee shirt in sight ????

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I've found it to be much more satisfying to be an individual rather than one of the crowd. In all the years of following the Wire in every far flung outpost of the world of RL I've never worn the favours of the club. In recent days I've been following the cricket test match on TV and the most irritating part of it has been hundreds of drunken *supporters* chanting *Barmy Army Barmy Army* It's bad enough sat at home watching the match, it must be unbearable to be near them in the ground with this incessant mind-numbing chanting. How much better to be would it be for most of the crowd if they were all individuals just sat there enjoying the sport and quietly applauding at the relevant points of the proceedings. I'd rather eat worms than wear clothing with motiffs or logos displayed on them.

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Safers, we don't always agree, but yes it is a nighmare being sat with them, mind you they only kick in when the alcohol has flowed for a few hours, would be very interesting to see whether if alcohol was banned inside grounds, i.e. as in football, whether these people would be so annoying


Mind you, I'm just a disgruntle tee totaller, who loves and understands the game, who appreciates whats happening out on the field.


At Old Trafford recently, there were some obscene chants towards the New Zealanders and the stewards did nothing about it.


I left before the end, as it spoilt my enjoyment, mind you, it does every year but I still go. But with there being no test match at OT uintil at least 2012, I won't have to suffer this.


Strangely, these characters never appear at LCCC games there, when the true fan will go and watch matches.

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I'd rather eat worms than wear clothing with motiffs or logos displayed on them.


OK Safes I have a nice replica Wolves jersey here at the office waiting for you, signed by all your heroes and a can of worms ready for you to eat - the choice is yours! :twisted:


On the subject of chanting alcohol fuelled morons they existed at Old Trafford in the 1970's - the last time I attended a Test match as a young school boy! :shock:

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I am a bit past the first flush of youth :wink:


But still enjoy wearing my colours when at a game as I have done since my first ever match.....


But none of your well intentioned???? observasions answer my topic

ie.Our marketing people are totally off the mark and missing a chance to generate revenue for our club.

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