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Building on our Parks.


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peter T, my dig was more specificaly in relation to the current event of some residents in lymm who are objecting to a pizza shop being opened ruining their tranquil lifestyle and their "village culture", despite it being done in an existing building, when you compare it to what we (the reseidents of winwick road area) have had to see destroyed over the past 30 years or so.


I suspect you may be a stocton heath area chap who are at the embryonic stage of what we have, at least your maintaining your original buildings more than the steel garages our landscape is being plighted with which have no carachter but pure commercial usage, and when they start to decaym, they arnt going to be quaint old buildings for our grandchildren, theyre going to be....well I cant even imagine.



I would like to draw your attention to this pic of 60s' winwick road




it soo reminds me of stockton heaths crossroads, near the police station, this is where what used to be KFC was until a few years back, this is currently facing WBCs vision of redevelopment, what it is now, what it will shortly be once the cinema or whatever aditional prepac buildings will be, is what we have as architecture for our children...its horrible...look what they have done to it.

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Be interested to learn just how many kids ARE using it; and that it wasn't a tempory fad. :roll: BMX IS now an Olympic Sport (what next? Tiddly Winks?!); so theoretically we should be producing some medal winners?! :wink:

Obs It's always been really busy when we have been down at weekends but I never knew BMX was now an Olympic Sport :shock:


Think we'd need far bigger facilities to produce medal winners from round here though :wink:

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Pleased to hear it's being used; it was built due to the efforts of two local Councillors and a sympathetic Leader, at the time! :wink:


AND Latchford Community Forum, not to mention the input from the schools and the community.


I still have a picture of the "opening". It's a pity I can't post it on here. :wink:

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these new football feilds... look like where my old scholl football feilds used to be... anytime we wanted we could go there and have a kickabout, with no costs... I take it this will remain free, or is it more policy now to encourage sports by making them revenue generating ?


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