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U B I ?

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Universal Basic Income - a plan to provide people with £1.600 per month whether they work or not, is being tested in two UK pilots. The idea originated in Finland, where I believe it failed.   However, I thought we already had a benefits system that allows over 5 million folk to remain "economically inactive" due to claimed sickness or incapacity ?   We have an asylum system that allows economically inactive immigrants to be housed and fed, and paid not to work; although many may gain employment in the black market.   Could this be a recognition that with such things as AI,  there simply won't be enough jobs to go round ?      :rolleyes:

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Seems there a record numbers of young folk who are economically inactive, unlike the older generation, who primary ailment was a bad back;  the young now complain of mental illness for avoiding work.    Perhaps these young snowflakes are struggling with gender disphoria ? !      :rolleyes:

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it could be that they just can't decide what they want from a job apart from good money for little or no effort.

as soon as they find out it is hard work off they go to try something else and so on and so on.

call centre work sounds easy, sitting at a desk all day calling people. until that is you find that it is eight or nine hours of getting every sort of response possible, being harangued by the head of department for not meeting targets or not making enough calls and all for a pittance of an hourly rate.

shop work sounds easy, standing behind a counter for a few hours chatting to customers. until you find out that you have to also check the stock for out of date or short date items, restock the shelves, sort out the stock room and keep the place clean and tidy as well as dealing with the awkward customers.

there are many jobs like this, they sound easy and ideal until they try them and find out that it is hard work for minimum wage.

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