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Obesity -

Observer II

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Seems we have too many fat people and this is impacting the NHS, so what should be done about it ?    There is of course the Nanny State approach of course, where food taxes can be used to wean folk off bad diets and onto healthy foods, but requires imo people to be educated in nutrition and cooking at an early age, in order for them to make "healthy" choices in the first place, and in an era of food inflation, to better budget for meals.      :rolleyes:

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looking at some of the nurses in the hospital they look as though they have modelled themselves on Hattie Jaques.

also note the number who nip across the road for a  quick nicotine fix.

a case of do as i say and not as i do springs to mind.

but seriously the next generation coming up should be the healthiest so far as regards eating habits, mentally who knows. they are having it instilled in them to eat a healthy diet, whatever that may be, pick your own expert on that one.

what needs to be addressed is why are people obese. is it comfort eating due to mental issues, is it just eating for eating sake, it's there so i will eat it or is there some medical condition that does not allow them to lose weight despite a starvation diet?

it is no good throwing a blanket over people and saying these are obese, each case needs to be looked at individually. some of it has to do with body image as perceived in the media. at one time if you didn't look like a stick insect you were considered overweight and unattractive. these days it is swinging the other way as plus size models get more exposure (not the half naked kind ) and media attention.

when a women years ago asked if an outfit made her bum look big saying yes was a declaration hostilities. nowadays it is a compliment go figure (pun intended)

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There maybe hereditary factors involved in some cases, believe it stems from our flirtation with our Neanderthal cousins, who gave us a genetic disposition to store fat to get through lean times,  they also gave us arthritus, chrone's disease and nicotine addiction !   However, there is fairly settled agreement on what constitutes a healthy diet, and nutrition should be on the school curriculum imo, as well as cooking, to start folk off with a healthy habit.   Sitting in front of the TV, with a bag of crisps and a can of beer, isn't a good start for kids, or stuck playing game boy either.   As for the plus size models,  they have to be considered "curvy" nowadays, "fat" will have them breaking down into mental illness, and being "offended".   Mind you, I suppose these 15min Cities, with the kids walking a few miles to school might help !      😑

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