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Jim Sturgess couldn't get arrested in Las Vegas


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My grandson says "21" is the best movie so far this year:


Across The Universe star Jim Sturgess desperately tried to get arrested in Las Vegas, so he could fully experience the risky life of a card counter for his new gambling film 21.


The Brit plays a mathematics whizz kid who joins a gang of figures-smart youths who team up to win big in Sin City.


Sturgess and his co-stars trained with real-life Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Mit) card counters and top gamblers for the new Kevin Spacey film - but he couldn't get arrested.


He explains, "We would mess around at the tables pulling our ears, scratching our noses and make out like we were counting cards, hoping we would get caught.


"But we were only playing with five dollar chips so it wasn't very impressive."


Sturgess insists he couldn't be a real-life card counter because he doesn't have the mathematical skills.


He adds, "I'd sit down at the (poker) table, apologise for being English and not having a clue how to play the game.


"I became as confident as you see in the film but unfortunately I don't have the mathematical ability to count cards and win any kind of money."

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