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Yes I know what you meant by early :P ........ life expectancy centuries ago had a lot of defining factors.

Medication, nutrition, immunity to disease etc etc.

Later on (Mediaeval/Tudor periods especially) you wre considered lucky by surviving birth, as was the mother who was giving birth. There was also a 'class' factor (again nothing changes :roll: ), those termed as peasants were maybe lucky if they reached the age of 10 - 12, with 35 - 50 being a very good age.

These reasons/factors governing life expectancy have changed very little over many centuries, still prevelant today :roll: i.e. health, nutrition, social class etc ....... hence my continuing addage that we are supposed to have advanced ....... but have we ??

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The good news is that the world population is actually expected to stabilise at around 9 billion. However if Al Gore and his supporters get their way this figure will drop dramatically due to disease, starvation and war. Rather than spending trillions of dollars (and pounds) on a futile attempt to control the climate of the planet the money should be spent on improving water supply, disease prevention and security of the third world countries. Of course the measures espoused by the Global Warming apostles will only affect the poor, not Al and his kin. :wink::wink:


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