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Runcorn Jubilee bridge toll another scam from HMG?


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I note the application in the Guardian for tolling of the Runcorn Jubilee Bridge to pay for the new one.


Is this another scam from a corrupt government?


When I read the information on the Halton web site, I am disgusted at the poor negotiations that have taken place on our behalf for the new bridge.



The site claims

"The project is more than just a bridge - the regional economic strategy identifies Mersey Gateway as a transformational project. It is the catalyst that will connect communities and lead regeneration and investment throughout Halton and the north west.


Support for the project is also widespread across the north west. The project has the backing of the North West Development Agency, Government Ofiice North West and local authorities from throughout the region, who have come together to form the Mersey Crossing Group.



If this is so then why is the government not funding out of road tax etc?


The so called management quango is an advisory board made up of senior political and officer representatives from Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire and right across the region"

who? why? another job for the boys scam?


Subject to the project meeting certain conditions, the government is funding ?86million of the total ?390million.

How can it claim conditions when it is funding only 22% of the cost ?

What rubbish!


When the public was consulted, the most popular response was to leave it as it is. The respose was:"We believe that this partly reflects a desire for it not to be tolled, which is not an option available in our funding agreement with the government."


Then renegotiate the costs This is a very bad agreement


This has led to the Mersey Crossing Group recommending a bridge with tolls, but with a substantial discount for local cars and light vehicles and a frequent user discount for HGVs, both of which should keep the bridge as cheap as possible for local and regular users.


Do you believe this?


I do not especially when we have been lied to by this corrupt government


I suggst everyone objects to the toll by wqriting to Halton Council .

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reeks of the mersey tunnel scam,


I seem to recall that they were only meant to be tolled till they had recovered there build cost, then they were to be free...

after 20 years.... that was in 1925


the current price is ?2.80 63 years after the tunnels were meant to be free!

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The bridge will still be needed even if fuel cost rises mean average trips decline - I for one would love to cycle over a new bridge without cars on it :D Aren't there rival plans for another crossing of the Mersey in Halton being put forward by Peel Holdings?

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