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New arrivals

James P

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Because we haven't got a good left back and he can play centre half as well. He aint really a reject if he moves to a bigger club like Real Madrid is he :roll:


So why would he want to move back down the pecking order to a smaller club like Poo :?:?:roll:

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At City, I would like to see Ricky Hatton and Bon Jovi,both of whom would score more goals than the pathetic lot we have at the moment,Frank the owner is dead right to get shut of Sven,but please dont go for another foreign coach,for me in all seriousness here is my wish list


coach -- Mark Hughes

try and keep Micah Richards

let Dunne go if he wants to

we need a midfield general (hard man)but who is available ?

i like peter crouch, guaranteed goals

Anton Ferdinand is available to replace Dunne (but not sure)

little SWP from chelsea might come home?

Michael Owen may be tempted by the money Frank will pay

Ronalddinho is a dream but maybe just maybe

if Mark Hughes comes try for Roque Santa Cruz

when i started this list i thought it would be easy but who is available and who would come to City its not that simple.

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I would suggest you need to buy because that has been Wenger's major downfall over the years, when he has won the league he has never bought big and ensured they stay top of the pile for three, four years running. Plus there will be a big greasy hole to fill when old twinkle toes packs his bags for Madrid! :D

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