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It won't stop -

Observer II

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The advance of the eco fanatics won't stop until they've impoverished us all.   The latest demands are for the spread of "ULEZ" throughout the UK, eventually driving working people out of their cars.  The roads and air routes will become the preserve of the rich, virtue signalling hypocrits of the wealthy elite.  Time to call a halt ?      😠

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Well in theory it’s not all bad and it does make sense to try and keep the air clean in congested areas where there are high numbers of people, but whether it’s worse now than it was several years ago is debatable. Vehicles have got considerably cleaner, and the ever-growing numbers of electric and hybrids will eventually make these zones unnecessary.

As for the fanatics, well maybe I live on a different planet because I talk to a lot of people and don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who believes things are as grim as they make out. But that’s the way authorities work these days, where those making the decisions seem out of touch with public opinion and think they know better.


Bill :)

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The planning system assumes that we have access to regional centres for shopping as well as our own sub-regional centre and local centres. What "ULEZ" do is to tax non residents, £12.50 a day in London, for accessing the Regional Centre. That amounts to taxation without representation. It shouldn't be allowed that Manchester causes our cost of living to go up in Warrington because they cause traffic jams on their own streets.

Furthermore the scientific basis of the demands is extremely suspect with little of the supposed harm actually being evidenced, it is mostly conjecture and that includes the UN targets.

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imo The primary motive of these initiatives by local authorities is to raise income, public transport providers are complicit in this, as it will force more people onto busses and trains.   We will recall discussing the 20mph zones, which cost £thousands, and has now been found to be pointless by a new study.   EV's won't save us, as to many they will not be affordable (especially now that we have energy price inflation);  and they in turn will be taxed. The real reason is congestion, so they want to reduce the numbers of private cars, pack the great unwashed into trains and busses, and allow the wealthy elite clear roads to travel.  What they won't admit, it that we are a small island with an increasing density of population,  due to immigration, which they are not prepared to solve.  😠

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wonder how long a charge in an electric vehicle will last once the cold weather really hits.

I know that my car battery gets one heck of a beating in this weather, mainly due to lack of car use these days and there is nothing like cold weather for increasing the rate of drain on a battery, at 0 centigrade that can be up to 60 loss of charge. just from the cold.

will significantly reduce the  mileage that an ev can go between charges, meaning that charging will be more frequent and thus more costly.

what nobody seems to mention is how it will affect the elderly. tottering to the nearest bust stop is fine in summer when it is warm. in winter it can be at best a cold slide to the bus stop or at worst a trip to hospital to replace whatever joints have been shattered due to a fall. and that is if they can get a bus to where they need to get to.

my pharmacy is now about a ten to fifteen minute walk away, one of the buggers of getting old is that i an slowing up a lot. by car it can take anything between six minutes and half an hour depending on traffic conditions. by bus it is impossible as the nearest bus stop to it is the one i would have to get to go into town and that is about a third of the way there walking.

my mother was lethal on her mobility scooter when she was alive, shudder to think what sort damage she would cause on and electric bike......🙆‍♂️


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