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Seems the French can't spare enough border guards to check Brits into the tunnel at Dover, thus causing hours of queing;  perhaps they're all patrolling French beaches to ensure the illegal migrants get safely out to sea ?     Clearly, the Frogs are on a campaign to discredit Brexit, they must be missing our money.   :unsure:

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What's annoying about this, is that Macron and the rest of the EU, are pulling every stunt they can to cause us inconvenience and undermine Brexit, they simply can't believe that we had the gonads to actually leave their protection racket.  But what's more annoying is we've had a Gov without the gonads to respond in kind, at each and every move. EG:  Cancel a French fishing license with every migrant boat that lands on our beaches; physically turn round such boats and dump them back on a French beach.  Cancel the N/I protocol and give THEM a choice whether they want a custom border between Eire and France.  Build more gas storage facilities for our N/sea gas, rather than using E/U storage, crack on with securing energy self sufficiency etc etc.  This of course requires requires a civil service that does what it's told and the scrapping of the ECHR treaty.    😠

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