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This from Planning Resource:


MPs demand more council power for social housing

David Callaghan, Planning Resource, 21 May 2008


Local authorities must play a bigger role in building new social housing to achieve a target of 50,000 more rented homes per year, an investigation by MPs has concluded.


The Commons Communities and Local Government committee said in a report published today that councils need more help so they can contribute in the drive towards more rented accommodation.


?We do not expect local authorities now suddenly to become major developers of housing, but given that many remain as landlords, will continue to do so into the foreseeable future, and may want to build on land that they own, there should not be any impediment to them to doing so,? the MPs said.


Restrictions preventing councils from borrowing money to build new homes should be relaxed, the MPs said, and the housing revenue account reformed to lift further restraints.


Reform could include allowing local authorities to apply for social housing grant, and set up local housing companies.


The committee said many more rented homes, both social and private, were needed to help meet demand from families, who cannot afford or choose not to buy their own homes.


Call me cynical, but is one of the main qualifications for being an MP the ability to state the blindingly obvious as if it were a revelation that only an MP could have stumbled upon :?::roll:

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