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Labour and Losses


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That is true, and it is worth noting that Ms Jones' son did not get elected at the recent elections.


Clearly there were problems, and indeed I understand one Parish Candidate has petitioned his result, so clearly there does need to be a thorough and professional investigation conducted in a calm and collected manner.....but not a witch hunt.

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Helen Jones is spot on to make an issue of this. There are numerous examples from 1st May of poor electoral administration, primarily but not exclusively due to the cuts which the Democratic Services at the the Town Hall have had to endure. Similar issues arose last year and lessons clearly have not been learned.


Non delivery of postal votes, polling cards and the moving of polling stations in areas where no polling cards were delivered contributed to the fiasco.


I am aware of two polling districts in my ward where polling cards were not delivered and postal votes not arriving. This was mirrored in a number of wards across the borough.


As political activists we know you do not need a polling card to vote but for many people, they believe that you must have this piece of paper to vote.


We then have the count when I understand some parish council ward results were announced without candidates and agents being informed of the initial result so that any challenge could be submitted and recounts undertaken.


You are right we need a 'thorough and professional investigation' that's why I support Helen's call for an independant investigation - we were told lessons had been learned last year but they clearly have not been!

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And all this from the NuLab shower that has corrupted our electoral system nationally, with insecure postal voting and registration systems, that one judge likened to a "banana republic". :roll::wink: Still, with their noses so close to the ground, one can't expect them to deal with fundemental priorities rather than tinker with trivia! :roll::wink:

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