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Tax Cuts ?

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The obsession that appears to have taken over the Tory Leadership race is tax cuts -  but such demands seem to defy economic gravity.   The Country has just, is still emerging from a pandemic that involved over £400billion of Gov spending to safeguard the people against it's economic effects.   Along the way, £billions were literally wasted on corrupt  procurement of PPE, unused testing initiatives etc - all money down the drain.   Now that money needs to be paid back, through taxation.  So how do we reduce public spending in order to facilitate tax cuts  and  who will benefit from such tax cuts ?   Certainly not the average Joe facing a £3,000 energy bill in October, or paying more for petrol and food.   No doubt the likes of Rishi Sunak and Co;  who brought in these taxes in the first place, would earn sufficient to benefit from tax cuts, but I struggle to see how the great unwashed will benefit in the face of inflation.   Now, I've no doubt, that if the Gov took a knife to Gov spending, they could find a multitude of areas to cut, without any adverse effect on essential services, EG: stop fuelling the war in Ukraine,  reduce overseas aid;  cut "diversity" jobs out of the civil service, NHS, education etc, stop spending £5million per day on hotels for migrants and giving the French £millions not to stop migrant boats leaving French beaches; but whether that would add up to much I don't know.  :rolleyes:

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