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May 17, 2008 ROCK SHOW


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Lost in Hollywood ? Rainbow

Save Me ? Queen

We?re Not Gonna Take It ? Twisted Sister

My Door Bell ? White Stripes

Feels Like the First Time ? Foreigner

Civil War ? Guns n Roses

Money ? Pink Floyd

Rock n Roll All Night ? Kiss

AC/DC ? Mean Streak

I?LL Still Follow You Home ? Nickelback

Wheels of Steel ? Saxon

Living After Midnight ? Judas Priest

I am I?ll Me ? Twisted Sister

Communication Breakdown ? Led Zeppelin

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Long Live Rock n Roll ? Rainbow

Good to Be Bad ? Def Leopard

In the Dark ? Rainbow

Rock you like a Hurricane ? Scorpions

Paper Plane ? Status Quo

Wanga Danga ? Ted Nugent

Heaven and Hell ? Black Sabbath

Woman from Tokyo ? Deep Purple

Don?t Leave Me Hanging on the Telephone ? Def Leopard

Working Man ? Rush

Yesterday ? Guns n Roses

Waiting For A Girl Like You ? Foreigner (LOVE THEM)

****Pieces of 8 ? STYX would be nice*** :wink:

Summer Rain ? White Snake

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